Merrion Realty en-us 149 homes were SOLD in 2017 46360 Beaches FYI's: In 2017, 149 homes were SOLD with an average Day on Market at 125, and with an average sales price of 93% of original listing price.... Happy Mother's Day from all of us at Merrion & Associates! Research shows the surf and sand do a body good! Here are our favorite reasons why: ?? The consistent sounds of the ebb & flow of our favorite lake slows us down, allowing us to unwind & feel more engaged. ?? The feel of the sand on & under your feet causes people to relax. ?? The color blue is associated with calm & peace. What makes our 46360 beaches your favorite? *Information sourced from NBC News, 'What the Beach does to your Brian' July 29, 2017, by Christina Haiser ?