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Merrion Realty

History of Merrion Realty


Founded in 1986 as Merrion Realty by Principal Broker and Indiana Realtor Ed Merrion, Merrion & Associates Realtors has dedicated itself to serving the needs of home buyers and sellers throughout Northern Indiana and Southwestern Michigan. As we’ve grown through the years, so too has the reputation of Merrion Realty as a premier Indiana realtor and Harbor Country real estate firm. Our focus continues to be on the customer. Few Harbor Country real estate firms can tout the customer satisfaction successes that Merrion Realty can.


In 2004, Ed decided it was time to take a less prominent role in Merrion Realty and, although he continues with the firm as one of its top brokers, Ed sold the firm to co-worker Debbie Burke. Debbie shares Ed’s vision and commitment to superior Harbor Country real estate customer service -- and continues to grow Merrion Realty today.

Specializing in distinctive homes, particularly Harbor Country real estate in the beach areas of LaPorte County, Merrion Realty is a premier Indiana realtor offering an array of commercial and income properties, as well as rentals. By choosing Indiana Realtor Merrion & Associates Realtors, you’ll be selecting one of the top Harbor Country real estate firms in LaPorte County, backed by proven Harbor Country real estate successes and unparalleled customer service.

Call the premier Indiana realtor and let us show you how we can help with your Harbor Country real estate needs. We’ll help you find that perfect place….A Place 4 U!


Congratulations to Tricia Welty-Meyer and Jeff Meyer as the new owners of Merrion & Associates Realtors!

Tricia, Jeff and Debbie Burke finalized their paperwork for the transfer of Merrion & Associates Realtors on February, 25, 2014. Debbie previously purchased Merrion & Associates Realtors in 2004 from Ed Merrion. Through her ownership, Merrion Realty continued to be a trusted name in real estate. Due to her husband's job relocation, Debbie, Tricia and Jeff worked toward an agreement to purchase Merrion & Associates Realtors in 2014.

Tricia has been selling Real Estate since 2002 and has added value through her design work to clients' homes for over 15 years. She has a Bachelor's in Design from Morehead State University, and she utilizes her keen eye to assist in staging and redesigning her real estate listings.

Tricia seamlessly stepped into the role of Managing Broker in July 2013. Through her leadership, we continue to strive forward in real estate, technology and social media.

Please stop in to our office @ 1010 N. Karwick Road, Michigan City, IN 46360 to meet Tricia or give her a call @ 219-871-2680!

At Merrion & Associates, we're here to help you!

Merrion and Realtors